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OpenIM 1.2RC1 in CVS
OpenIM 1.2RC1 is now in CVS. Warning, this version break the current storage file system (users, private, roster, deferrable) as it uses now XML file instead of serialized object file. This version also requires Merlin 3.2: global refactor has been done to support latest Merlin container.
We are now using XML file format for data storage (using XStream lib).
This version requires Merlin 3.2 (you can get last version here).
It seems that application context/home folder should be set via shell file (using -home -context file). Seems to work pretty well on Unix machnie (should be checked on windows arch).

Get the source from using CVS command line :

cvs -z3 -d update -P -d -r V_1_2RC1

PS: use guest account with *void* password.