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OpenIM Java XMPP/Jabber ® Server is an open-source Java implementation (BSD License) of XMPP/Jabber Instant Messager.

The purpose of the OpenIM project is to produce a fast, simple, and highly efficient instant messager server with high modularisation codebase.

If you're looking for an updated source code and feature implementation of OpenIM you should check OFBiz-OpenIM project.

Legacy 1.2.x version uses the Avalon tools and Merlin Container created by Apache's Avalon project.

Key features

Stability: successfully used in production

Modularity: component oriented using Plexus container (integration with LDAP or DB can be easily done via users-manager and storage API)

Most of classical IM functions are supported: message, presence, roster, subscription, vCard, offine storage, oob (lan file transfer), browse and search.

Server to Server communications

Secure connections via SSL

Message logger and recorder (for statistic usage or supervision)

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Obbiz-OpenIM (latest)
1.5 source

Legacy OpenIM binary 1.2.1
Legacy OpenIM project

Check also POMStrap Maven2 application bootstrap.

Jabber® is a registered trademark of Jabber, Inc.

OpenIM and Sonatype
26/06 - 21h13
OpenIM is now hosted by Sonatype Labs web site. Thanks to all Sonatype folks.
OpenIM 1.5 Plexus beta available
01/05 - 10h18
OpenIM 1.5 beta is now available as source. The project is now hosting on Codehaus server.